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If you are not already acquainted, it is time you meet our CPC 100 primary test system – it is the original, multifunctional all-in-one testing device for substation commissioning and asset maintenance.

More than 50 different tests can be performed on a variety of electrical assets with the CPC 100. It replaces numerous individual testing devices and at the same time, offers you new, innovative testing methods.

This wide range of possibilities gives us the chance to meet your specific needs. The CPC 100 and our unique services are the perfect companion for your requirements.

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Perfect match for intense measurements

“The CPC 100 is a legendary system and delivers massive performance.”

Gustav Lundqvist
Measurement service provider

OMICRON customer Gustav Lundqvist is the owner of Kraftdiagnos, a measurement service provider based in northern Sweden. Gustav has created a unique lifestyle for himself – he has found a way to combine his love of the outdoors with performing grounding and other measurements for electrical utilities at remote sites all over the country.

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Grounding system testing

CPC 100 provides a lightweight and modular solution for obtaining accurate ground impedance measurements in medium and high voltage systems. Our support of power line injection and current probes offers users a flexible way of adapting to on-site testing conditions.

With CPC 100, users can choose between on-device operation or testing via the Primary Test Manager™ (PTM). With CPC 100, direct voltage measurements on the device are possible, whereas with PTM, the voltage pickup is performed with our mobile handheld meter HGT1.

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Customized and powerful

“I ignored everything that I already knew was on the market,
or what I felt wouldn’t be possible.”

Gerald Bernsteiner
Service provider of power stations and power grids

Gerald Bernsteiner is the Managing Director and partner of Cteam Energietechnik GmbH, a part of the Cteam Group. He first came into contact with OMICRON in 2014, when he was looking for a solution to measure partial discharge (PD) in switchgear for one of his projects. The search for a suitable voltage source to measure PD on construction sites went on and on, but eventually he found OMICRON. The outcome was an invigorating and challenging joint project.

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Powerful testing

29 kg/

64 Ibs

Lightweight & modular

400 ADC

800 AAC

2 kA (with CP CB2)

15 Hz -/

400 Hz

Variable frequency

2000 V


12 kV/15 kV (with CP TD)

High Power 70 kV Upgrade Option

The compact and lightweight High Power 70 kV Upgrade Option is used as an external HV source with the CPC 100 multi-functional electrical testing system and MPD Series partial discharge (PD) analysis systems for off-line measurements on HV equipment. It is suitable for voltage withstand tests as well as PD measurements.

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There`s magic in a perfect worktool

“Amazing, time-saving and highly reliable.”

Johannes Küng
Application engineer

The reliability and availability of rotating electrical machines is highly important in power generation and industrial applications. Failure in motors and generators is influenced by thermal, electrical and mechanical stress factors over time. For an accurate failure risk assessment, it is essential to have accurate, up-to-date condition information about machine components to effectively plan their maintenance or replacement.

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Stator Core Measurement Upgrade Option

Core imperfection detection on hydro and turbo generators can now fast and accurately be determined with CPC 100. With the stator core upgrade option, the CPC 100 offers a turnkey solution for excitation and measurement. Together with the semi-automatic rail approach, a maximum of usability and reproducibility is guaranteed.

With the PTM integration, guidance through the test and one-button reporting are enabled -
Hotspots can be directly seen with the integrated heatmap.

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Stronger together

Welcome to the CPC family

We love our family of CPC multi-functional electrical testing solutions. Our devoted development teams continuously strive to evolve and grow our CPC family’s innovative capabilities to meet your various needs in a wide range of testing applications.

We make it easy for you to stay on track with the status of your electrical power system and assets. Our efforts don’t end with providing you with the necessary tools to improve your measurements because we see you as our partner. Through sharing knowledge and testing experiences, we can work together to strengthen and grow the CPC family with innovation and practicality well into the future.

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