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APPLICATION KNOWLEDGE “TO GO” Webinar recordings from the OMICRON Academy Wide-ranging topics concerning our testing and diagnostics solutions are explained clearly by our Academy instructors in more than 45 selected webinar recordings. The free recordings convey technical knowledge from a theoretical perspective all the way to real-world applications with ease. Thanks to the efforts of our global team, the recordings are available to anyone interested in them. Everything from the production of live webinars to the distribution of the recordings has followed one overarching principle. That principle is giving our customers access to the knowledge within the Academy, even when we’re all faced with restrictions. “Instructor-led training aims to impart practical knowledge and encourage a lively exchange of ideas within the group, which is always appreciated. Before Covid, we didn’t see a demand for online webinars. However, during the first lockdown, everything changed very quickly”, explains Claudia Brich from the Process Management team at the OMICRON Academy. Global webinar offer An international team extending well beyond the OMICRON Academy set to work immediately, making a monumental effort to develop an entire webinar portfolio in a short amount of time. These webinars can now be accessed from all over the world. “Our instructors and organizational team 21