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normally led courses in the Academy training centers or on customer sites. But now they were focused exclusively on delivering instructive live webinars for our customers”, explains Claudia. The organizational breakdown into different regions also made it possible to distribute various topics targeted around the globe. “We arranged the webinars according to key products in various time zones so that our customers always had access to a range of courses for eight months. We recorded these webinars and were surprised by what happened next.” The webinars were enthusiastically received, and many viewers wanted to watch them again. “However, the demand for the Academy webinar recordings posed several problems for us. We wondered which recordings should we select, how we would make them available, and where people could go to find them?”, recalls Claudia. Quality First We adopted a multi-stage quality process that helped us make the right choices. “We designed an evaluation form containing various criteria and critical factors such as the quality of the audio, language, and video image. At the same time, we developed a process that listened to the recordings and picked out the best ones. Next, our product managers checked every aspect of the products and the software, and only then was a webinar released. The process of a quality-check is very time consuming, so the recordings are currently only available in English and German”, explains Claudia. Recordings on the Academy Website The webinar recordings are available free of charge on the OMICRON Academy website. We use the Cisco Webex platform, which is also where the live webinars were recorded. There’s a short registration process to «I want to thank you for your free webinars. I learned a lot from them. I would like to request a recording of the video from this webinar.» Customer feedback PARTICIPANTS 12,656 since 2020 LIVE WEBINARS 344 in the first 4 months of 2020 AVERAGE DURATION 1h12min Shortest webinar: 22min; longest webinar: 1h 55min WEBINAR RECORDINGS >35 in English >45 in German 22