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Join us on an audio tour of the new OMICRON Customer Care Center in Klaus, Austria.

In this episode of Energy Talks, we take you on an audio tour of the new OMICRON Customer Care Center (OCC) in Klaus, Austria.

This new facility was completed in 2022 and includes training rooms and a large, 750 square meter (approximately 8,000 square feet) demonstration and training showroom filled with numerous electrical assets and diagnostic testing and diagnostic solutions.

Electrical assets installed in the expansive indoor OCC showroom include rotating machines, power transformers, instrument transformers, power cables, protection technology and process control systems, as well as an intelligent secondary substation and medium- and high-voltage switchgear. State-of-the-art video conferencing equipment enables OMICRON testing engineers to show online participants all aspects of their on-site work and record the sessions for later reference.

During our audio tour, we speak with OCC Project Leader Friedrich Almer, OMICRON Application Engineer Bernhard Engstler and OCC Training Administrator Julia Schneider. They tell us about how the idea for an expansive showroom for power system testing originated and how the OCC is enabling electrical power engineers to observe tests performed on real equipment – either in person or remotely around the world.

They also describe how the OCC is now widely used in OMICRON Academy training courses, product demonstrations, events, and technical support, offering visitors and online participants a front-row-seat testing experience.

Read our article about the OMICRON Customer Care Center in a recent issue of OMICRON Magazine here:



The OMICRON Customer Care Center offers a unique online and on-site experience for our customers worldwide.”

- Friedrich Almer, OCC Project Lead and Application Engineer, OMICRON


“All participants have a front-row seat and can see work on real equipment, even remotely.”

- Bernhard Engstler, Application Engineer, OMICRON


“Our visitors are amazed about the variety of electrical assets and diagnostic solutions available in our showroom.”

- Julia Schneider, OCC Training Administrator, OMICRON


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