Earthing/Grounding System Testing – Eliminating Harmful Electrical Shocks

Essential for the Safe and Reliable Operation of Electrical Power Systems

Earthing systems, also known as grounding systems, ensure that persons in and around electrical substations are not exposed to dangerous, electric voltage shocks.

For safety and functional purposes, an earthing or grounding system connects specific parts of an electrical power system with the ground, typically the Earth's conductive surface. If electrical equipment at a substation is adequately grounded, stray voltage resulting from any circuit faults will be reduced to safe levels. However, if electrical equipment is not grounded properly, unsafe voltages could exist, which could be dangerous or even lethal to substation personnel and persons in the surrounding area.

In this episode, OMICRON product manager and earthing/grounding system expert Josef Schmidbauer discusses how regular testing of earthing or grounding systems can ensure the safe and reliable operation of electrical power systems.

For example, what role does an earthing or grounding system play in the power system, when and why is testing important, and which tests are typically performed? Josef also describes the applicable international testing standards, and how to make earthing or grounding system testing an efficient and integral part of overall power system testing. Lastly, he highlights the matching OMICRON solutions used for earthing or grounding system testing.

More information about earthing and grounding system testing can be found on the following page: 

Grounding systems


Periodic testing ensures a high level of safety in and around electrical power substations.”

- Josef Schmidbauer, Earthing/Grounding System Testing Expert

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