Partial Discharge Testing on Cast-Resin Transformers in Wind Parks

How to master the PD measurement challenges of limited space and noise in the test environment.

Large-scale wind parks utilize different types of transformers, including cast-resin, also known as dry-type transformers, installed in the wind turbines.

The most common reason for failure in various types of transformers is the electric breakdown of the insulation due to a wide variety of factors. Partial discharge (PD) measurement and analysis performed during commissioning and in a periodic maintenance plan can reduce the risk of in-service transformer failures.

However, performing onsite PD testing on cast-resin transformers installed in the constricted spaces of wind park turbines can be quite challenging. In addition, surrounding high electromagnetic interferences, or noise, can affect the ability to reliably detect harmful PD activity.

In this episode, OMICRON PD measurement experts Dr. Alex Kraetge and Christoph Engelen discuss how off-line PD testing is performed on cast-resin transformers in wind park turbines, what needs to be considered and how the related measurement challenges can best be overcome with the right diagnostic tools, such as our MPD 800 PD measurement and analysis system.

More information about our universal partial discharge measurement and analysis system is available on the following page:

MPD 800


“Compact diagnostic tools make PD testing easier in confined spaces.”

- Dr. Alex Kraetge, PD Testing Expert


"Special noise suppression tools are needed for reliable PD analysis.”

- Christoph Engelen, PD Testing Expert

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