Solving Power System Testing Challenges – in the Middle East

Discover how field testing engineers in the Middle East simplify their work with OMICRON’s COMPANO 100.

It is always interesting to hear about how different regions of the world perform power system testing – there are many similarities, but also differences based on, for example, specific challenges and needs in regional testing environments.

In this episode, OMICRON Field Testing Experts Mohamed Ali, Fadi Zatari and Ahmed Abdelwahab discuss how power system testing is performed in the Middle East.

They highlight the specific power system testing challenges in Middle East countries. They also offer examples of how portable, battery-powered and multi-functional testing solutions, such as OMICRON’s COMPANO 100, are helping field engineers to greatly simplify power system testing in the region.

Many of the COMPANO 100 features popular with users in the Middle East are the result of feedback from testing engineers in the region who were facing various power system testing challenges in the field. 

COMPANO 100 is one of many innovative power system testing solutions offered by OMICRON.

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“Multi-functional testing solutions are needed in the field to perform various power system tests at the same time, safely and with the highest quality.

- Mohamed Ali, Field Testing Expert Middle East, OMICRON

“Different voltage distribution levels and applications areas result in a wide diversity of testing procedures, needs and challenges in the Middle East.

- Fadi Zatari, Field Testing Expert Middle East, OMICRON


“With the COMPANO 100 we provide testing engineers with a portable solution that meets 100% of their testing needs without the need for an external power supply.”

- Ahmed Abdelwahab, Field Testing Expert Middle East, OMICRON



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