Natural Gas – A Clean Transitional Energy Source

Meeting demand for cleaner energy sources and bridging the transition to renewable energy in Europe.

Many regions of the world are adopting renewable energy sources at an increasing rate to reduce carbon emissions. However, during the transition to renewable energy, there will be a continued reliance on cleaner fossil fuels, namely natural gas.

This is because of the fossil fuels used for the generation of electrical power, natural gas has the lowest carbon footprint and will continue to play an important role in the transition to renewable energy sources and help to reduce the overall carbon footprint.

Since this transition to renewable energy sources can take several years, even decades before it is completely realized, it will be increasingly important to develop local reserves of natural gas to ensure a reliable and sustainable energy supply. This is especially true in Europe, which has been long dependent on Russia for its supply of natural gas.

In this episode, we speak with James Hill – he is the President and CEO of MCF Energy Limited. His company is focused on strengthening Europe’s energy security through responsible exploration and the development of natural gas resources within the region.

James explains why natural gas is considered a clean energy source and how it will continue to bridge the transition to renewable energy sources. He also discusses why the European Union regards natural gas as a green energy source, and how this is leading to increased natural gas exploration and production in the region. 

Additionally, James describes how his company is using advanced exploration techniques aided by machine learning to precisely locate natural gas reserves in Europe with greater efficiency and safety, including natural gas reserves his company located and is currently developing in Austria and Germany.


"The greatest energy security you can have in any country is to have your energy resources within your own borders.

- James Hill, President and CEO, MCF Energy Limited


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