Circuit Breaker Testing Around the World 4 | Middle East

Learn about the types of circuit breakers used in the Middle East and how are they tested.

Circuit Breakers are the most essential assets for turning on and off any connections in the power grid. Different regions in the world use very different circuit breakers, and very different testing methods.

In our Energy Talks mini-series, called “Circuit Breaker Testing Around the World”, we look at the different types of circuit breakers and testing methods used in various regions of the globe. OMICRON circuit breaker testing expert Stefan Achberger is your host.

In this forth episode, Stefan speaks with OMICRON primary application engineer Anas Abdulkhader from his OMICRON home office in Dubai. Anas has many years of power system testing experience in the Middle East.

Anas explains how the harsh climatic conditions in the Middle East, including sandstorms, extremely high temperatures and high humidity, present challenges to the reliable operation of circuit breakers and other electrical assets, and how this has led to the prominent use of more robust Gas-Insulated Switchgear (GIS) in medium- and high-voltage power systems throughout the region.

Anas describes the wide variety of tests that are conducted on SF6 GIS circuit breakers in his region, and how regular assessments help to ensure their reliability, safety and efficient operation to avoid interruptions in the power supply.

Lastly, he offers advice to new engineers about how to work with the latest circuit breaker testing technology and the importance of gathering insights and knowledge about measurement methodologies to promote best practice.

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The overall goal of regular testing is to keep it simple to ensure the reliability, safety and efficient operation of circuit breakers.”

- Anas Abdulkhader, Primary Application Engineer, OMICRON Middle East



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