Power System Testing in the Age of Decarbonization

Discover how OMICRON’s COMPANO 100 speeds checks at substations in the secondary distribution grid.

The growth of renewable energy, the electrification of transportation and industry, and the expansion of the grid are happening faster than ever. As a result, the complexity and dynamics of the power grid are constantly increasing. With this comes the need for innovative solutions for testing, analyzing, and diagnosing power equipment.

What are the challenges and new requirements for testing? And how does OMICRON address them with the latest software update for COMPANO 100?

Josef Schmidbauer, product manager for COMPANO 100, gives us an insight into current trends and challenges in the energy industry. He will tell us about the requirements for test equipment for different applications. We will also hear about the important role of customers and field tests in developing tomorrow's solutions.

Learn more about COMPANO 100 and discover all other applications OMICRON can support you with:

Discover COMPANO 100


“A convenient tool for quick and simple checks, COMPANO 100 can truly be called an engineer's toolbox.”

- Josef Schmidbauer, Product Manager, OMICRON

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