Essentials of Partial Discharge Testing on Electrical Equipment

Discover how PD measurements are the best way to assess insulation condition and prevent failure.

It is never too late to make New Year’s resolutions. Maybe this is the year that you learn more about partial discharge (PD) testing and begin to use it regularly as a diagnostic tool to assess the insulation condition of your electrical equipment.

PD is a reliable indicator and a major cause of electrical insulation deterioration, which can eventually result in equipment failure and costly outages. 

In this episode, Caspar Steineke, PD expert and co-developer of OMICRON MPD PD measurement and analysis technology, highlights essential aspects of PD testing on high-voltage electrical equipment. He describes the potential impact of PD and the importance of regular PD testing to know when to take timely action to prevent equipment failure. He also explains why PD testing will increase in importance and describes how easy it is to get started if you have not already.

Whether you are a beginner or more experienced in PD testing, this episode will be informative and useful for your work.

Caspar is also the PD expert featured in OMICRON’s video series “Essentials of Partial Discharge Testing,” which you can watch on YouTube.

More information about PD testing is available here: 

Partial Discharge Measurement and Analysis


“PD testing is becoming increasingly essential for examining aging and damaging processes within the insulation of electrical energy assets. It is essentially the only way to get an early indicator of developing faults before anything serious happens.”

- Caspar Steineke, Partial Discharge Expert, OMICRON


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