A Passion for Protection Testing

Meet Saravanan Balamurugan – a protection testing expert in India.

Protection testing plays is a very important role in ensuring the reliability of power systems. A planned sequence of testing activities along with the right diagnostic equipment and software are key to protection testing success.

In this episode, we speak with protection testing expert Saravanan Balamurugan. He is the CEO and founder of Minaatral Power Systems in southeast India, which specializes in protection testing on power systems for utility and industrial companies.

Saravanan describes what makes him passionate about his work. In addition, he shares his knowledge about what is important to consider when performing protection testing, as well as which types of diagnostic equipment and software ensure the best results. He also talks about his experiences in the field and describes how he sees the field of protection testing in the future.

Saravanan’s absolute favorite solution for protection testing is our CMC 356.


“Being passionate about what you do makes you a better engineer.”


-Saravanan Balamurugan, Protection Testing Expert


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