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Primary Test Manager (PTM)

Offline Testing on Rotating Machines using the CPC 100

OMICRON Academy Online
Webinar (Zarejestrowane)
Primary Test Manager (PTM)


You will expand your knowledge of rotating machines diagnostics in theory and practice. In this webinar you will get familiar with the different off-line tests you can perform with the CPC 100 and its accessories.

Cel szkolenia

  • You understand how the various diagnostic measurement methods work and in which situations and why they should be used
  • You can analyze the results as part of the condition assessment of rotating machines to fully exploit the lifetime of your asset
  • You get to know how to use the PTM software for generator testing and reporting

Treść szkolenia

  • Introduction of CPC 100 & PTM 
  • Capacitance and dissipation/power factor measurement
  • DC Resistance measurements
  • Pole Impedance measurement
  • Stator Core measurement

Czas trwania

47 min


Please use your official Email ID to register for this recorded webinar*.

*For the recorded webinar, we are using “Cisco Webex Events”. This is a Cisco Webex Meetings solution made available by Cisco Systems Inc. (San Jose, California, USA) to conduct our training sessions. For that purpose, your data submitted in the registration process needs to be forwarded to Cisco.

Odbiorcy szkolenia

Technical staff involved in motor/generator diagnostics, service and maintenance at utilities, service companies, generator manufacturers and repair workshops.

Wymagania wstępne

Basic Knowledge of generator testing.


CPC 100
CP TD12/TD15, CP CR 600
Primary Test Manager (PTM)

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