października 15, 2024
Stany Zjednoczone (Houston)

Online-Course: Time-optimized voltage transformer diagnostics with VOTANO 100

października 15, 2024
Stany Zjednoczone (Houston)


Learn how to automatically assess the performance of instrument transformers utilizing VOTANO 100. Get familiar with various measurement approaches, effective report generation, voltage transformer class assessment according to international standards as well as special application examples.

Cel szkolenia

  • Perform commissioning, troubleshooting and periodic tests of VTs in time optimized manner for shortest possible outage times
  • Fast, simple and safe voltage transformer testing according to the relevant international standards (IEC and IEEE)
  • Test and verify the fulfillment of the VTs’ specifications as well as the class accuracy and VT ratio
  • Perform automated result assessment of VTs with values defined in selected IEEE, ANSI, or IEC standards
  • Generate automated test reports with VOTANO Suite

Treść szkolenia

  • Typical VT failure sources vs. testing and corrective measures
  • Types, design and construction of different VTs
  • Comparison of conventional (CPC 100) vs. model-based testing of VTs (with VOTANO 100)
  • Relevant definitions in standards for testing and assessment of VTs
  • Performing time-efficient instrument transformer tests with VOTANO Suite
  • Evaluation of the VT measurement results by means of practical examples
  • Performing on-site calibration of the VOTANO 100 using reference VTs

Czas trwania

2.5 Hours


1pm - 3:30pm, Central Time (same as Houston, TX)

Odbiorcy szkolenia

Technical staff involved in instrument transformer testing in utilities, transmission, distribution and generation networks, railway grids, service companies and manufacturers.

Wymagania wstępne

Knowledge of electrical engineering



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