CMC Swift - Bringing a Mobile Testing App to Life

Get an insight into the development of the mobile testing app for OMICRON CMC test sets.

As documented in numerous social media posts, field protection engineers often face various challenges during testing within substations. When only simple tests or checks of protection relays need to be performed, having the option to control the test set with a mobile device is not only more comfortable but also more efficient.

But what does the development of a new mobile app involve? And how did OMICRON approach it?

Fabian Kolb, product manager for CMC Swift software, gives us an insight into the considerations and challenges during the development of OMICRON’s CMC Swift mobile testing app. All the way from a tangible idea based on customer feedback into a very practical solution for real-world use.

Learn more about protection relay testing and it's flexible solutions here:

Protection Relay Testing


“CMC Swift is always in your pocket. It's a convenient app for quick and simple checks with your CMC protection relay test sets.”

- Fabian Kolb, Product Manager, OMICRON

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