In the Shoes of Field Engineers | Testing Instrument Transformers

Best practices for substation tests on current and voltage transformers from a field testing expert.

In the shoes of field engineers – This is one of many Energy Talks episodes in which we offer you practical tips for testing electrical equipment at power substations.

In this episode, OMICRON field testing expert Marcus Stenner shares his many years of practical experience in instrument transformer testing at power substations all over the world.

Marcus describes the various tests performed on current and voltage transformers, when these tests are conducted, and how they are set up in the field. He also offers best practice tips, including how following a defined testing workflow can ensure safety and reliable measurement results.

Lastly, Marcus describes the available OMICRON solutions for instrument transformer testing and which ones to use for specific applications.

Learn more about instrument transformer testing here:

Instrument Transformer Testing


Defined testing workflows help to keep you focused – any distractions can lead to wrong test results and accidents.

- Marcus Stenner, Field Testing Expert, OMICRON

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