CIGRE 2022 Impressions ǀ Part 1 with Philippe Adam

Highlights from a leading international power systems industry exhibition.

The CIGRE conference and exhibition is a leading international power system industry event for technical experts worldwide. It takes place every two years in Paris, France – most recently at the end of August 2022. However, due to the COVID pandemic, it has been four years since the event was last physically held in 2018.

For those who were not able to attend this year’s event in person, we are devoting two episodes of Energy Talks to share various impressions of CIGRE 2022 with you.

Reporting directly from the exhibition hall at CIGRE 2022 in Paris is OMICRON event specialist Aby-Gael Meyet.

In Part 1, Aby-Gael had the opportunity to interview Philippe Adam, Secretary General at CIGRE, to find out more about CIGRE as an organization, the significance of this year’s event, as well as important industry topics addressed at CIGRE 2022.

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"The part power systems have to play is huge and CIGRE is supporting the industry in that field by allowing its members to share the best information and find the best solutions. Our dream is that we can also be heard by politicians and regulators."

- Philippe Adam, Secretary General CIGRE


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