OMICRON Calibrations – Ensuring the Most Precise Measurement Results

A globally recognized, accredited calibration laboratory according to the IEC 17025 standard

In this episode, Dietmar Gehrmann, head of OMICRON Calibrations, addresses the importance of standard-compliant calibrations of testing equipment, how often they should be performed and the difference between ISO 9001 and IEC 17025 standard calibrations.

For example, compared with conventional ISO 9001 manufacturer calibrations, calibrations according to IEC 17025 are becoming more and more the standard in various countries.

Dietmar also highlights the services of OMICRON Calibrations, which was founded in 2020 as a globally recognized, accredited calibration laboratory to meet the growing worldwide demand for IEC 17025 standard compliant calibrations.

More information about OMICRON Calibrations is available at or contact OMICRON Calibrations by email at


“Precise measurements are only possible when testing instruments have been calibrated correctly.”

- Dietmar Gehrmann, Head of OMICRON Calibrations



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