Online Partial Discharge Monitoring of Power Transformers

Dielectric flashover of transformer bushing and winding insulation is one of the most frequent causes of failure in power transformers. Insulation degradation in bushings and windings is influenced by various electrical, thermal, mechanical and environmental stress factors over many years in service.

Partial discharge (PD) activity is an indication of weak spots in the insulation that can cause failure and damage to power transformers and can be continuously monitored over a specified period of time to trend PD activity over time to efficiently plan further diagnosis as well as maintenance to prevent failure.

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MONTESTO 200 is a portable, two-in-one solution that enables you to perform both temporary on-line partial discharge (PD) monitoring and on-line PD measurements on power transformers and bushings. It can be used on to trend PD activity in power transformers under load for assessing the insulation condition of bushings and windings over time. You can use the IP65-rated MONTESTO 200 both indoors and outdoors.

Two-in-one solution
All that you need is included in a rugged, wheeled case that is easy to transport to various locations. The IP65 rated hardware device can be used indoors and outdoors for on-site partial discharge measurements, or it can be mounted on or near the asset for temporary partial discharge monitoring.
Plug-and-play setup
The on-line PD measurement and monitoring device can be easily connected via a terminal box to permanently-installed partial discharge sensors. This enables quick and safe plug-and-play connections during setup without having to shut down the asset to prevent unnecessary downtime.
Remote data access
A built-in computer enables long-term data collection and archival. The computer can be remotely accessed and configured by the user to forward periodic reports and scalar values via universal protocols. The system can also be setup by the user to send email alarm notifications when PD levels exceed user-defined thresholds.
User-friendly software
Monitoring sessions can be set up and the collected data viewed from anywhere with the convenient software web interface. Software features, such as 3PARD (3-Phase Amplitude Relation Diagram), automatically separate noise from PD signals to help users quickly and reliably determine the signal source.

Product for Online Partial Discharge Monitoring of Power Transformers


MONTESTO 200 – Easy on-line partial discharge measurement and monitoring

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