FDS-PDC+ dielectric insulation analyzer

Easy determination of insulation’s condition

DIRANA uses dielectric frequency response (DFR) analysis in order to determine the condition of high-voltage insulation systems such as those in power transformers, bushings, cables and generators.

It automatically analyses and determines the water content and the oil conductivity in different types of cellulose insulation. You can test assets filled with mineral oil, natural and synthetic ester as well as air or vacuum. The measurement results are shown in categories defined by IEC 60422.

One box solution
With DIRANA you get all required components in just one box. Combined with its low weight of 19 kg/42 lbs, this makes testing comfortable and the system easy to transport.
Compensation of aging byproducts
DIRANA is the only device which compensates for the influence of aging byproducts. This would otherwise lead to an overestimation of the water content in aged transformers.
Simple connection concept
The simple wiring concept and specially-designed clamps with integrated guard connections make setting up tests quick and easy for all type of assets.

Combining advantages

DIRANA combines the advantages of frequency-domain and time-domain spectroscopy. This combination enables fast measurements covering the largest frequency range on the market. DIRANA is the only device in the industry which uses this combination and an advanced polarization depolarization current version, called PDC+. This ensures the shortest measurement time on all assets at any temperature.

Simplified testing

DIRANA is operated with the Primary Test Manager™ (PTM) software, the ideal solution for diagnostic testing, condition assessment and easy data management. PTM automatically generates test plans based on the nameplate data. The measurement results obtained are automatically compared and evaluated according to international standards or customized limit values. In addition, PTM offers smart features for data management and easy reporting.

Key features

Compact and rugged all-in-one test set Revolutionary new FDS & PDC+ algorithm for up to 20x faster testing: Less than 2 hours for a full 10 µHz – 1 kHz frequency sweep Fully automatic parameter setting and improved moisture assessment for optimal results Support of ester-filled assets due to new databases for synthetic and natural ester Guided workflow for test setup, execution and assessment for easy analysis without expert knowledge


With DIRANA you can test assets filled with mineral oil, natural and synthetic ester as well as air or vacuum. Commonly tested assets are:

  • Power transformers
  • Instrument transformers
  • Bushings

Additionally, dielectric measurements are available for condition diagnosis of other assets, such as:

  • Rotating machines
  • Resin-bonded paper (RBP), resin-impregnated paper (RIP) and resin-impregnated synthetic (RIS) bushings
  • Cables

Did you know our Power Transformer Bundle?

One solution for comprehensive condition diagnosis of your power transformer.
It comprises the Primary Test Manager™ software and various OMICRON test systems.

More information

Solutions for:

Smart operation on site

Using DIRANA and the included PTM software, you can benefit from a smart combination of solutions. DIRANA’s intuitive design makes it easy to connect. The PTM software guides you step-by-step through test set-up, execution and assessment. The additional PTMate app extends the feature set to your smartphone, such as easy data entering and individual wiring diagrams for a fast and safe approach.


What is Dielectric Response Analysis?




April 20 - 22, 2020
Training Center Mexico, Mexico City, México
DIRANA, CPC 100, FRANEO 800 or FRAnalyzer, CPC Product Family
April 21, 2020
Jakarta (by partner), Indonesia
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July 6 - 9, 2020
Training Center Houston, Houston, USA
DIRANA, CPC 100, FRANEO 800 or FRAnalyzer, CPC Product Family

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