FDS-PDC dielectric response analyzer

DIRANA can determine the condition of high-voltage insulation systems like in power transformers, bushings, cables and generators with dielectric response analysis.

DIRANA determines the moisture content of the paper and the oil conductivity in oil-paper insulations in a non-invasive way. The measurement results are shown in categories defined by IEC 60422.

DIRANA combines Frequency Domain Spectroscopy (FDS) and an advanced version of Polarization Depolarization Current (PDC+) measurement. In combination with the automated frequency range setting DIRANA ensures the shortest measurement time on all assets at any temperature.

Key features

  • Revolutionary new FDS & PDC+ algorithm for up to 20x faster testing: Less than 2 hours for a full 10 µHz – 1 kHz frequency sweep
  • Fully automatic parameter setting and improved moisture assessment for optimal results
  • Support of ester filled assets due to new databases for synthetic and natural ester
  • Guided workflow for test setup, execution and assessment for easy analysis without expert knowledge
  • Compact all-in-one test set


  • Water analysis of oil-paper insulated assets, such as power transformers, instrument transformers and associated components like bushings
  • Dielectric measurements, including capacitance, power factor/dissipation factor and insulation resistance, of power transformers, instrument transformers, rotating machines, bushings (RBP, RIP and RIS insulation) and cables
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