Primary Test Manager (PTM)

Diagnostic testing, condition assessment and data management of medium and high-voltage assets

Be faster, easier and safer

The Primary Test Manager™ (PTM) software supports you during diagnostic testing, condition assessment and data management of medium- and high-voltage assets, such as circuit breakers, rotating machines, grounding systems, instrument and power transformers as well as bushings and on-load tap changers (OLTC).

The software guides you through the entire test procedure, making testing faster, easier and safer. In addition, tests can be automatically assessed in accordance with the applicable international IEEE and IEC standards.

Simplified testing

Easy asset definition
Assets can be specified in PTM in a number of different ways. You can enter the data manually, import it from other ERP or asset management systems or use our PTMate app. Once the data is entered, it can be re-used for all future tests.
Automatic creation of asset-specific test plans
You can prepare test plans in advance to enable an efficient approach. Thereby, PTM generates tailored test plans based on the asset specifications while being in accordance with international standards. In addition, you can also create individual test templates.
Automated test plan execution
PTM enables you to control the connected test set and to execute the defined test or a series of tests directly from your laptop. You are prompted wherever a user interaction is needed otherwise the execution of the tests is fully automatic.
Easy result analysis and assessment
Each test can be automatically assessed according to international standards or your individual limit values. The results can be visualized in tables and plots, or be compared with previous results and historical trends, allowing further in-depth analysis.
Smart reporting
PTM generates reports automatically including all asset-related information and performed tests, giving you a comprehensive overview. You can also easily adapt test reports, provide comments on every test, or attach images and other test results.
Easy saving and sharing of data
Once the test is completed, PTM offers you a variety of options for further processing. As well as collecting data in a central database, you can easily back it up, export it to other systems and share the information within your team.

One solution for all your needs and applications

You can benefit from PTM in various respects:

  • PTM ensures a reliable and fast approach by combining step-by-step guidance and a high level of automation
  • PTM reduces the required training effort as numerous OMICRON test systems, such as CPC 100/80, TESTRANO 600, CIBANO 500, FRANEO 800 and DIRANA, can be operated with one common software
  • PTM represents a central “database backbone” as the software allows it to maintain all asset and test data as well as data import of third party test results, for example, of DGA results

Easy data synchronization and back-up

During on-site testing, data is often generated by multiple testing teams. With the “PTM DataSync” module, you can synchronize all data to a central database hosted on premises or in the cloud in order to share and consolidate all asset and test data company-wide. Storing the data on a central server with automatic back-up capabilities also increases the security of your data.

The mobile companion

The PTMate app is our mobile companion for the Primary Test Manager™ (PTM) software. It supports you on site by providing additional features on your smartphone, for example, sending images, displaying wiring diagrams, or sharing jobs and reports. 

You can download the PTMate app free of charge in the App Store (for iOS) and in the Google Play Store (for Android).

Key features

  • Asset-specific test plan generation 
  • Guided workflow for test set-up and execution without expert knowledge
  • Automatic assessment according to industry standards
  • Comprehensive and customized reports
  • Import and export interfaces for easy data exchange
  • Integrated asset data management in a local and client/server database



  • Diagnostic tests on power transformers using CPC 100/80, TESTRANO 600, DIRANA, FRANEO 800
  • Diagnostic tests on current transformers using CPC 100 and DIRANA
  • Diagnostic tests on voltage transformers using CPC 100 and DIRANA
  • Diagnostic tests on circuit breakers using CIBANO 500, DIRANA and CPC 100
  • Diagnostic tests on rotating machines using CPC 100 and DIRANA
  • Diagnostic tests on grounding systems using CPC 100

Did you know our Power Transformer Bundle?

One solution for comprehensive condition diagnosis of your power transformer.
It comprises the Primary Test Manager™ software and various OMICRON test systems.

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May 6, 2020
Training Center Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
CIBANO 500, Primary Test Manager (PTM)
May 6 - 7, 2020
Training Center Mexico, Mexico City, México
CIBANO 500, Primary Test Manager (PTM)
May 7 - 8, 2020
Training Center Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
Primary Test Manager (PTM), TESTRANO 600

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