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Next step protection testing

RelaySimTest is a software solution for system-based protection testing with OMICRON test equipment that takes a novel, future-oriented approach: the test is independent of relay type and relay manufacturer and the often very extensive parameter settings. Instead, it completely focuses on the correct behavior of the protection system. This is made possible by simulating realistic events in the power system.

Why a new testing approach?

In addition to conventional testing methods, such as parameter-based testing with Test Universe, RelaySimTest can easily and efficiently detect hidden errors in the settings, logic, and design of the protection system. This allows testers to verify the correct behavior of their protection system faster and with higher test quality than ever before.

Key features

  • Realistic signals are calculated by a transient power system simulation and directly injected via the test set
  • Controlling multiple test sets by one application, even at different or remote locations
  • Simply test protection and automation logic with the patented iterative closed loop simulation 
  • Testing the complete protection system in IEC 61850 substations
  • System-based testing of protection systems, independent of relay type and manufacturer

Solutions for:


Getting Started with RelaySimTest 2.0

Efficient Busbar Protection Commissioning

RelaySimTest's Iterative Closed Loop



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