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With the ever-evolving features that can be implemented with recloser controls, the testing process is becoming increasingly complex. The reasons for this include the higher level of precision and flexibility of the new digital controllers, their increased integration into intelligent networks, as well as stricter regulations for guaranteeing the reliability of the power distribution system.

On the one hand, test engineers in the field need to be able to perform basic functional tests as quickly and easily as possible. On the other hand, more detailed and complex tests also require a high degree of automation and integrated expert knowledge.

Meanwhile, manufacturers of recloser controls today place great demands on the testing equipment used in their laboratory and production operations. The processes for testing modern, digital controllers have become highly sophisticated. The increasing integration of Smart Grid functions is making these tasks even more complex.

Our tailor-made testing systems cover all these requirements and have therefore become very popular among test personnel thanks to their portability, precision, versatility, and ease of use.

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ARCO 400 – Universal test set for recloser controls

ARCO 400 is a smart and rugged testing solution for all recloser controls. It provides the fastest way to perform simple manual trip and close checks. Using the OMICRON Smart Connect technology, ARCO 400 is capable of detecting recloser specific test adapters. The device simulates the recloser and enables three-phase testing of the controller in both lab and field environments. ARCO 400 is equipped with accurate 3-phase 12.5 A current amplifiers, 6-phase voltage amplifiers (8 V or 150 V range), six binary inputs, and nine binary outputs.

Future-proof technology
The processes for testing recloser controls have become highly complex. With ARCO 400, you can easily cope with modern recloser functions.
Highly efficient and lightweight
With the smart, lightweight and easy-to-use ARCO 400, you will be able to test all types of recloser controls within just a few minutes
Ruggedized for outdoor use
ARCO 400's robust enclosure makes it the ideal test set for any bucket truck. Special shock absorbing material lining the enclosure protects the float mounted main unit.
Comprehensive testing
ARCO 400 enables you to simulate the complete primary recloser component for the testing process. It allows three-phase testing to be performed on all types of recloser controls in laboratory and field environments.

CMC + Recloser Test Cables

While mainly focused on protection testing, CMC devices can also be used to test recloser controls. For highly automated testing, they can be controlled via the Test Universe software.

Additionally, we offer cable packages for testing various recloser and sectionalizer controls. This allows you to use the highly flexible CMC test sets for both recloser controls and protection relays.

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ARCO 400 – the future of recloser control testing

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ARCO Control Tutorial – Analog Output Check Tool

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