Test Universe

PC software suite for advanced secondary testing

Test Universe is the most powerful and convenient software tool for parameter related testing of protection and measurement devices in power systems. It offers a wide range of comprehensive software options that are based on various packages in 16 languages.

The packages are tailored to specific operational requirements and contain a selection of Test Universe test modules. Each module is function-oriented and can operate either on a stand-alone basis or can be embedded in test plans for fully automated testing. Software for special applications completes the range. 

Test Universe enables a variety of test approaches, from manual to fully automated and standardized tests, running on a PC or laptop. The OMICRON Control Center (OCC) allows the option to individually combine testing functions into an overall test plan. 

With the related Protection Testing Library (PTL), OMICRON provides a collection of prepared test plans for a vast number of relay-specific testing applications and test objects. 

It also comprises generic test modules to create and perform special tests not covered by the function related modules. Furthermore, each module includes the automatic reporting function for fully formatted test reports.

Key features

  • Fully automated testing for an efficient workflow
  • Convenient manual testing 
  • Testing with software modules optimized for specific test object functions 
  • Generic testing allowing the creation of tests for special requirements 
  • Combining all these elements in overall test plans 
  • Using predefined test templates provided by OMICRON
  • Fully formatted test report (see Automatic Reporting)

Solutions for:



Testing of protection and measurement equipment

Protection relay testing with QuickCMC




April 14, 2020
Training Center Erlangen, Erlangen, Germany
Test Universe

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