Determining magnitude, phase, and frequency thresholds by ramping definitions

Ramping determines threshold values, such as minimum pick-up or switching hysteresis (e.g. pick-up/drop-off ratio). It generates ramps of magnitude, phase, or frequency for the current and voltage outputs. Automated tests can be performed with ramps that allow testing of both simple and complex functions.

Key Features

  • Automated testing using ramp sequences
  • Simultaneous ramps for two independent variables and functions (e.g. V/Hz)
  • Definition of an arbitrary number of consecutive ramp segments
  • Visual control of the output values (time signal view)
  • Test repetition feature with statistic calculations
  • Ratio calculations of the two ramp values, e.g. pick-up/drop-off ratio
  • Unique step-back feature for quick and accurate testing
  • Display of the test results with automatic result assessment

Solutions for:



Ramping Module Part I

Ramping Module Part II


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