Permanent on-line partial discharge monitoring system for high-voltage cables

MONCABLO is a customizable, permanently-installed system for the continuous on-line monitoring of partial discharge (PD) activity in the electrical insulation of high-voltage cable systems, including cable terminations and joints.

Advanced diagnostic techniques enable you to reliably evaluate insulation condition to prevent costly in-service failures at an early stage. You are automatically notified by email or SMS whenever PD activity exceeds pre-set warning or alarm thresholds.

Using the intuitive MONCABLO software web interface, you can remotely configure the monitoring system, view real-time PD data and historical trends, analyze the collected raw data, as well as correlate PD data with the data from third-party sensors (e.g. temperature, oil pressure etc.) also installed on the cable system.

The MONCABLO software also allows you to simultaneously view the PD status of all cable accessories in one overview screen. Using a unique patented technology, PD defects are reliably located along the entire cable length. These features enable you to make PD measurements for after-installation testing of HV cables.

Key features

  • Customizable to match cable system architecture
  • PD monitoring and diagnosis features available in one system
  • Synchronous PD data acquisition at all cable accessories
  • Advanced PD localization along the entire cable length
  • Cutting-edge web-based management, data access and visualization
  • Alarm notification via Email
  • Seamless integration with third-party monitoring devices and SCADA systems


  • PD measurements for site acceptance testing (commissioning) of newly installed HV cables
  • Continuous on-line PD monitoring of installed HV cables to prevent in-service failures
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