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Utilities should be able to implement technical advances economically, with maximum supply security.

Converting and expanding network assets, integrating renewable energy, and adopting new communication standards all require adaptations to protection and measuring technology.  You need an experienced partner who can provide competent, independent guidance to achieve this objective.  Our services are designed to help you continue to operate your network economically and ensure supply security in the future.  

You can also enjoy the benefits of our manufacturer-neutral advice and experience gained from over 20 years as a successful partner to network operators of all sizes.

Our Services in Detail


Instrument Transformers

  • Measurements on instrument transformers
  • Condition assessment of instrument transformers
  • Advice on selecting the right instrument transformers for protection purposes

Grounding Systems

  • Measurement of step and touch voltages
  • Measurement of ground impedances
  • Analysis of measured values and preparation improvement measures

Overhead Lines / Cables

  • Measurement of line impedances
  • Measurement of mutual coupling effects of adjacent lines

Relay Systems

  • Evaluation of protection concepts and protection settings calculations
  • Analysis and development of solutions in the event of abnormal relay system behavior
  • Calculation of protection settings
  • Type tests in accordance with IEC 60255-1xx for protection devices from all manufacturers
  • Development of pre-qualification procedures for protection devices based on customer specifications, so they can be selected based on need (network operator, industry, etc.)
  • Support with factory acceptance tests
  • Implementation of protection concepts on site, including parameterization and testing
  • Evaluating commissioning test methods for relay systems (defining test-relevant aspects and test methods, creating test plans)
  • Evaluation of periodic test methods for relay systems (defining test-relevant aspects and test methods, creating test plans)
  • Commissioning tests for relay systems
  • Periodic tests for protection devices
  • Secondary testing of voltage regulators and Petersen coil regulators
  • Testing and calibration of measuring transducers

Substation Automation

  • Guidance for IEC 61850 with a focus on testing digital substations
  • Testing of substation automation networks (system verification, time synchronization, network performance and redundancy, etc.)
  • Testing of automation and control systems
  • Fault localization and development of solutions in digital substations using a decentralized and hybrid measuring system, flexible trigger conditions, and permanent monitoring of the network traffic


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