The innovative testing solution for IEC 61850 substation automation systems

Simple yet Powerful

StationScout simplifies testing for Substation Automation Systems (SAS) and significantly reduces the required testing effort. It comes with a robust and powerful hardware that allows users to simulate multiple IEDs with secure isolation to the SAS networks. This user-friendly software helps you to visualize SCL files or tracing signals within your substation without any configuration effort.

Designed for the entire lifecycle

Testing & Commissioning
Thanks to its powerful hardware you can simulate several IEDs and test your GOOSE communication or your HMI (SCADA) when the IED is not physically available.
Specification & Engineering
The StationScout UI shows IED configurations, mappings or GOOSE configurations. Verify your substation specifications and SCD engineering before you even start testing.
Operation & Maintenance
StationScout has a “Live View” which allows you to trace signals and see differences between the configuration (SCL file) and the substation. Test cases can be defined and repeated.

Powerful hardware

Afraid to connect a PC to your substation system? Do you need to simulate several IEDs? Is it important to share your license?

This is why we developed the MBX1:

  • No administrator rights are needed on your enterprise PCs to set up IP addresses for IED simulation.
  • Enough network ports to connect to different substation networks.
  • Very powerful HW for simulating many IEDs.
  • The license is in the box and can be shared easily with your team. 

Is it just a regular PC?
No, it has special network interfaces, a secure crypto-processor (TPM) and its rugged design makes it ideal for substation use.

Key benefits

Status overview 
StationScout provides a clear overview of the substation, visualizing the communication according to IEC 61850 in SCL files, values and states in the substation. 

Signal tracing 
The communication diagram of StationScout allows you to use signal tracing, from the overview down to the detailed communication message attributes. 

Test cases*
StationScout is able to re-use predefined test cases for an automated testing procedure.
*comes with the Commissioning License

Cyber security 
The dedicated hardware for StationScout ensures cyber secure operation within the substation communication network. 

StationScout’s powerful simulation features simplify testing and commissioning. Missing IEDs and IOs can also be simulated. 

Solutions for:


Please fill in the form to download the latest version of StationScout. For correct operation, StationScout requires a licensed MBX1 test set.


StationScout - Testing your SAS through the whole lifecycle

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April 6, 2020
Training Center Klaus, Klaus, Austria
IEDScout, StationScout
April 7, 2020
Training Center Klaus, Klaus, Austria
IEDScout, StationScout
April 14, 2020
Training Center Klaus, Klaus, Austria
IEDScout, StationScout

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