Who we are

  • Passion and energy are what drives us

    Our company was founded 30 years ago in a small town in Austria where we set out to develop compact test sets for testing protection and measurement devices in utilities.

    From a small group of dedicated engineers we have grown into an international company with 22 offices worldwide and customers in over 150 countries.

    Although our product range and the possible areas of application have increased, some elements have remained constant:

    Our working life revolves around energy - through energy, dedication and the creative minds of our team we are able to provide you with products, solutions and services that allow your electrical power system to run smoothly, safely and efficiently.

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What we do

  • Your challenges inspire us

    Customers around the world rely on our innovative testing, diagnosis and monitoring solutions for electrical energy systems. They include energy providers and utilities, manufacturers of equipment for the transmission and distribution of electrical power and more.

    Our product range spans from test sets and solutions for power transformers, circuit breakers, rotating machines and cable systems to test and calibration equipment for protection relays, energy meters, transducers or PQ analyzers. With our monitoring solutions even in-service monitoring of high-voltage assets such as generators, motors and cables is possible.

    In addition, we offer a wide array of services in the fields of commissioning, consulting and training. By providing extraordinary customer service and creating opportunities for exchanging knowledge, we believe that we can create lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers that will help us both tackle the challenges of the changing energy world together.

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What we believe

  • Ideas flourish in a trusting environment

    We believe in a work setting that entrusts each member of our team with a lot of responsibility. The diverse backgrounds, nationalities and experiences of our colleagues are seen as a fertile ground on which ideas can flourish.

    Our working practices encourage team-work and open communication among colleagues and with our customers. An atmosphere of mutual co-operation encourages people to share their ideas, thoughts and opinions. We feel inspired by being able to find new answers that address your unique challenges and requirements.

    In this way we have been able to create an exciting and motivational environment in which we develop our innovative products and services.

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