Passion and Energy Are What Drives Us

Our company was founded over 30 years ago in a small town in Austria where we set out to develop compact test sets for testing protection and measurement devices in utilities.

From a small group of dedicated engineers, we have grown into an international company with 24 offices worldwide and customers in over 160 countries.

Although our product range and the possible areas of application have increased, some elements have remained constant:

Our working life revolves around energy – through energy, dedication and the creative minds of our team we are able to provide you with products, solutions and services that allow your electrical power system to run smoothly, safely and efficiently.


OMICRON founded by Rainer Aberer (1955-2009)


OMICRON enters protection engineering and the energy industry (CMC 56)


OMICRON is entering international markets with SIEMENS as a distribution partner


First OMICRON user meeting taking place in Germany


The first international offices outside of Austria are founded


OMICRON enters the primary testing market (CPC 100)


OMICRON starts offering asset management services


OMICRON enters the partial discharge analysis market 

Foundation of OMICRON Lab: smart measurement solutions for professionals in the field of electronics 

mtronix joins the OMICRON group 


PAC World was founded as a content independent platform for the industry


OMICRON enters the online monitoring business (OMS 600/800)


ADRESYS joins the OMICRON group


New ownership structure (OMICRON Trust) provides a stable basis for OMICRON's long-term developement


b2 electronics joins the OMICRON group


OMICRON employs more than 800 people at 24 locations worldwide

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Pursuing Innovative Ideas Also in Our Other Business Fields


In 2012, the company located in Salzburg/Austria joined the OMICRON group with the purpose of extending our innovative competence. With a diverse team of experts in the fields of hardware, software and mathematics, ADRESYS is striving to help us fulfill a common vision.


OMICRON Lab is specialized in providing Smart Measurement Solutions to professionals such as scientists, engineers and teachers engaged in the field of electronics. The simplification of measurement tasks provides customers with more time to focus on their real business.

PAC World

PAC World is a content independent organization with a goal to provide a forum for discussions between protection, automation and control professionals from all over the world.

The PAC World magazine and website offer articles, news, conference reports and results of research acitivies among others.

b2 electronics GmbH

b2 focuses on innovative solutions for testing and diagnostics of medium voltage cables.

The acquisition of b2 in 2019 helped OMICRON to further expand into the power distribution segment.

Your Challenges Inspire Us

Customers around the world rely on our innovative testing, diagnosis and monitoring solutions for electrical energy systems. They include energy providers and utilities, manufacturers of equipment for the transmission and distribution of electrical power and more.

Our product range spans from test sets and solutions for power transformers, circuit breakers, rotating machines and cable systems to test and calibration equipment for protection relays, energy meters, transducers or PQ analyzers. With our monitoring solutions even in-service monitoring of high-voltage assets such as generators, motors and cables is possible.

In addition, we offer a wide array of services in the fields of commissioning, consulting and training. By providing extraordinary customer service and creating opportunities for exchanging knowledge, we believe that we can create lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers that will help us both tackle the challenges of the changing energy world together.

Customer Support

24/7 Support

Service centers on all continents provide a broad base of knowledge and extraordinary customer support. Over 40 highly skilled engineers from our support team are available to help you.

Local Partners

Our local offices and partners are your personal point of contact in your area and are trained to assist you when working with your product.

Customer Portal

Our Customer Portal is the part of our service that is especially designed for the World Wide Web. After registering you can easily access valuable information and data from wherever you are.

Technical Papers and Videos

Papers and application notes written by users or our engineers about day to day subjects directly related to your application are available in the user area or on the product pages. Videos are there to help you get familiar with the product and its different applications in an illustrative manner.

Ideas Flourish in a Trusting Environment

We believe in a work setting that entrusts each member of our team with a lot of responsibility. The diverse backgrounds, nationalities and experiences of our colleagues are seen as a fertile ground on which ideas can flourish.

Our working practices encourage team-work and open communication among colleagues and with our customers. An atmosphere of mutual co-operation encourages people to share their ideas, thoughts and opinions. We feel inspired by being able to find new answers that address your unique challenges and requirements.

In this way, we have been able to create an exciting and motivational environment in which we develop our innovative products and services.

Education Can Be the Key to an Independent Life

As players in the high-tech world working in highly skilled teams, we often take a good education for granted, yet it’s still not a given for millions of children around the world.

The registered charitable association 'Crossing Borders – Education for children' was born from the vision of Rainer Aberer (the founder of OMICRON) and his team to change the world for the better. It assists other organizations and corporations in their mission to make good education accessible to children in less privileged areas of the world.

With the support of long-term projects, we try to create lasting benefits for the development of the respective region.

The projects we have chosen to support are carefully selected and based on what we value most:

  • Cooperating with local partners: 
    We believe that by joining our strengths we can create sustainable improvements. In projects, we combine the know-how we have gained in several projects in the past with a local partner's knowledge of the local circumstances and inherent motivation to improve a given situation.
  • Keeping things close:
    We mainly cooperate with small organizations (NGOs) to keep the relationships close and the lines of communication short. This in turn gives us a good overview of the resources being spent. We feel more confident that by doing so, the means can really make a local impact.
  • Building mutual trust:
    Projects are usually brought in by one of the Crossing Borders members who often work as a mentor for the project after it has been given a green light. We find ways of getting to know the partner organization personally and we work closely with them throughout the project.
  • Empowering the participants:
    We always look carefully at the local realities and take them into account. Often pupils who have already had access to education function as trainers in the project and share their knowledge.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

(Nelson Mandela)

Code of Conduct

We are convinced that long-term success is related to the social environment in which a company operates. To help maintain a favorable social environment, OMICRON and its employees worldwide are absolutely committed to ethical and lawful behavior and this is summarized in OMICRON's formal Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct, which is based on our Vision, Mission, Values and the principles of the UN Global Compact Agreement, confirms our ethical responsibility as an international company.

It covers principles, rights and the law with regard to:

  • corruption, competition law, forced and child labor
  • as well as social responsibility, 
  • co-operation with customers, suppliers and partners.

OMICRON and its employees are totally committed to its compliance.

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