Our Driving Force: Passionate Innovation

Here at OMICRON, we work passionately on innovative ideas for designing safe and reliable electrical power systems. Beneficiaries as diverse as energy supply companies, industrial concerns, and manufacturers of products for generating and distributing electrical energy all stand to gain from our efforts. All around the world, our customers trust our proven testing, diagnostic, and monitoring solutions.

OMICRON stands for innovation. Our pioneering solutions are the result of our natural curiosity and our ability to think outside of the box. We love to experiment, we enjoy a challenge and we don't give up, meaning that we are continually setting groundbreaking standards in our industry. Our products and solutions are functional and precise, easy to use, and are manufactured with an extremely high level of quality.

Yet innovation not only applies to our technology – innovation can also be found in how we shape our working environment and work together as a team with partners and customers. We engage with our customers as equal partners; by sharing our knowledge and expertise, helping them with our solutions, and ensuring that they can rely on our comprehensive technical support, we can all grow together.

Our Culture: Trust and Open Communication

We firmly believe that people reach their greatest potential when they feel valued and have the freedom to develop and grow. Only people who enjoy what they are doing are capable of achieving the extraordinary.

We foster a working environment in which every member of the team is encouraged to take personal responsibility and complete their tasks independently. We value an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication; an atmosphere in which colleagues with diverse personal backgrounds, nationalities, and experience can come together every day to produce innovative new ideas. 

All our offices and locations boast top-quality infrastructure and workplaces equipped with the latest technology. At the same time, we try to establish welcoming communal areas for conversations and meetings, for dialogue and communication.

Our Responsibility: Contributing To a Better World

For us, innovative spirit, success, and sustainability go hand in hand. We are successful precisely because we are sustainable.

OMICRON is providing financial support to the "Crossing Borders" association that helps fund projects for improving educational opportunities for children in disadvantaged regions. OMICRON staff are free to volunteer their assistance to these projects on their own time.

We take our social and ecological responsibilities as a successful commercial enterprise very seriously. Our approach to this includes designing company premises that are as sustainable as possible, organizing many of our events in compliance with "green standards" guidelines, and encouraging sustainable forms of transport and mobility. We are also working together with various educational institutions and numerous charitable initiatives.

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In 1984, OMICRON was founded by Rainer Aberer (1955-2009) in Vorarlberg, Austria.

Today, OMICRON has over 1.100 employees worldwide and customers in more than 170 countries.


In 1990, OMICRON entered the protection testing sector and power industry with the CMC 56.

When its successor, the CMC 156, appeared in 1996, it was the smallest and lightest device for testing numerical relays at that time. By 2018, OMICRON had sold 20,000 CMCs worldwide


In 1992, OMICRON entered the global market with their sales partner SIEMENS.

More than 80 sales partners now serve customers in over 50 countries, including Siemens.


The first OMICRON User Conference took place in Germany in 1993.

Today, we are sharing our knowledge with our customers at user conferences all around the globe.


Training activities for OMICRON customers have been held regularly since 1994. Today, the OMICRON Academy offers almost 200 training courses annually in 19 training centers around the world.

OMICRON set up its first international branch in Germany in 1994, too. Today, OMICRON has 25 offices worldwide.


In 2001, OMICRON entered the primary testing technology market with the CPC 100.

Since then, OMICRON has continued to develop and refine this multi-functional universal test set, which constantly opens it up to new areas of application and allows you to carry out more than 40 tests.


In 2006, OMICRON Lab is founded. They develop smart electronic measurement solutions for professionals in academia as well as R&D and focus on the fields of vector network analysis, material analysis, and precision timing: www.omicron-lab.com

Furthermore, OMICRON entered in 2006 the partial discharge analysis market and added MPD technology to their portfolio. In 2020, OMICRON launched with the MPD 800 the next MPD generation for partial discharge analysis.


In 2007, OMICRON participated in the foundation of PAC World (Protection, Automation & Control World).

This independent platform for discussion (and the magazine of the same name) invites protection, automation, and control professionals from all over the world to connect with one another and share their knowledge: www.pacw.org


In 2009, OMICRON entered the online monitoring market.

Today, portable solutions for online and temporary online partial discharge monitoring as well as permanently installed systems for the continuous online partial discharge monitoring of rotating machines and of power cables, are part of the portfolio.


In 2012, Adresys became part of the OMICRON Group: www.adresys.com

The Salzburg-based company develops personal protective equipment. The ANGEL system, based on a central control unit, a smart textile shirt and a smartphone app, detects electrical incidents and can make emergency calls.


In 2014, OMICRON secured its long-term ownership structure.

The newly created OMICRON Trust, situated in Feldkirch, Austria, helps to preserve and foster the unique company culture. For that reason, profits are reinvested in the company. The foundation’s purpose also stipulates that OMICRON will allocate a fixed percentage of its annual profits to a non-profit organization: Crossing Borders.


In 2019, OMICRON gets with b2 a reliable partner in the medium-voltage cable testing market.

For more than 20 years, b2 electronics develops and distributes practical high-voltage test systems for cable tests and diagnostics and for on-site transformer oil testing. Customers in more than 120 countries use solutions of b2: b2hv.com


In 2020, OMICRON entered the cybersecurity market with StationGuard.

The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) StationGuard protects critical parts of power supply infrastructure from cyberattacks and unauthorized activity. StationGuard has set new benchmarks with its patented combination of attack detection and functional monitoring.

OMICRON Offices Around the World

Our Code of Conduct

OMICRON and its employees are committed to acting in a lawful and ethical manner, as prescribed in our code of conduct.

Our code of conduct is based on our vision, mission, and values, as well as the UN Global Compact Agreement. It underscores our ethical responsibility as an international company.

The document itself contains principles, laws, and rights in relation to:

  • Corruption, antitrust law, forced and child labor
  • Social responsibility
  • Cooperation with customers, partners, and suppliers

Our belief: Diversity is key

At OMICRON, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. Our team is already quite diverse in many aspects, such as age, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, professional experiences, etc. However, we recognize that gender diversity needs our special attention and effort to become truly diverse. Our vision and plans are anchored in our corporate strategy. We strive to transform our environment into a more inclusive working place where everyone feels welcome and valued. Only then team members can reach their full potential and create the most innovative solutions together. 


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