Mobile PTM companion for on-site testing

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The PTMate app is our mobile companion for the Primary Test Manager™ (PTM) software. It supports you on site by providing additional features on your smartphone, for example, sending images, displaying wiring diagrams, or sharing jobs and reports. 

Key features

  • Sending images directly to PTM
  • Easy location data entering by sending GPS coordinates
  • Displaying wiring diagrams for fast and safe test setup
  • Starting and stopping of SFRA measurements together with FRANEO 800
  • Stopping of ongoing measurements for all PTM tests
  • Sharing jobs and reports 


PTMate is available for 

  • Android smartphones
  • iOS smartphones 
  • Apple Watch 

You can download the PTMate app free of charge in the App Store (for iOS) and in the Google Play Store (for Android).

Solutions for:

PTMate for smartphones and for Apple Watches


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