Protection Testing Library

A comprehensive test template library for a wide range of protection relays

The OMICRON software technology including the OMICRON Control Center, XRIO, and LinkToXRIO enables users to create specific test templates which adapt automatically to the actual relay settings. This functionality is the technological basis of the Protection Testing Library (PTL), a comprehensive test template library for a wide range of protection relays. Using the PTL allows considerable time savings as test plans and nominal characteristics do not have to be created from scratch.

The PTL is part of the Test Universe software DVD and available for free download in the Customer Portal.

PTL's test templates contain complete test plans for all important protection functions, XRIO Converters and parameter import filters. The XRIO Converters model the protection characteristics and tolerances (e.g., impedance zones, I/t diagram shape, etc.) based on the parameters and technical data documented in the manual of the protection device. Finding a particular setting is quite easy because the structure of parameters is modeled closely to that of the relay software. In addition, special filters allow the relay settings to be imported directly from the relay manufacturer's software.

The PTL test templates are developed by OMICRON experts and external specialists. The content of the library is continuously extended and maintained. Therefore users of the PTL can also benefit from the extensive application knowledge included in the test templates. The PTL test templates are customizable for specific needs and the XRIO converters can be used in user-created test plans as well as single tests.

Key Characteristics of the Protection Testing Library (PTL)

  • Pre-prepared test plans and XRIO converters to save valuable time
  • Manual or automatic transfer of relay settings directly from the relay manufacturer's software
  • Automatic calculation of relay characteristics, tolerances and test settings
  • Extensive application knowledge included in the PTL test templates
  • Test templates and XRIO converters customizable for individual requirements

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