Software for visualization and analysis of recorded signals

TransView is a software for visualization and analysis of transients, analog and binary signals in the network, which were recorded with transient recorders (relay-internal recording, CMC 356 or CMC 256plus with EnerLyzer, disturbance recorder). It processes the recorded data graphically and calculates further quantities of the energy system out of the measurement data, like impedances, power vectors, RMS values, etc.

Time signals

Analog and binary signals are represented as a function over time. Analog quantities can be displayed as instantaneous or RMS values.


Vector diagrams

This view visualizes measured and calculated quantities (e.g. symmetrical components) as complex vectors at defined points in time.


Locus diagrams

This view visualizes complex quantities as locus diagrams. Impedance locus diagrams can be represented together with tripping zones of distance relays. Zone settings can be imported using the XRIO format.



The Harmonics view shows the RMS values of harmonics of selected measured quantities as bar graphs. The amplitude values are given in absolute values and as a percentage of the fundamental. The harmonics are determined using a full-cycle DFT (Discrete Fourier Transformation).


Value table

The Table view shows the values of several signals at the cursor positions. The signals are arranged in rows, where the individual columns contain the respective values.

TransView supports data in COMTRADE format (C37.111-1991 and P37.111/D11-1999).

TransView can be used:

  • As part of EnerLyzer (no separate order required)
  • As part of the Test Universe Software (without EnerLyzer) [VESM2052]
  • As stand-alone application without CMC / Test Universe Software [VESM2051]

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