3-in-1 test system for medium- and high-voltage circuit breakers

CIBANO 500: One device – three functions

CIBANO 500 combines a micro-ohmmeter, timing analyzer, and a coil and motor supply. All important CB tests on all types of CBs can be carried out even when a station battery is not available.

Its globally unique connection technology reduces the wiring effort and time required up to 50 %. In addition, OMICRON's Primary Test Manager™(PTM)-Software and the included circuit breaker testing library (CBTL) ensure convenient operation and deliver one clear, combined report for all the tests performed.

Timing tests
The main contact timing is assessed by measuring the time from test initiation to the change of main contact state. The test can detect incorrect mechanical adjustments or wear phenomena of a circuit breaker.
Static and dynamic contact resistance test
The static test checks a low resistance path of the CB’s main contacts ensuring a load current with low losses.The dynamic test records the contact resistance during CB operation delivering information about wear-related problems with main and arcing contacts.
Motor current analysis
It records the current signature curve of the command coils during CB operation. Deviations show electrical or mechanical defects of the trip or close components.
Motion travel test
With a motion transducer, this test checks the circuit breaker’s complete operating mechanism and mechanical linkage.The results may indicate potential mechanical wear of the breaker.
Undervoltage condition test
CIBANO 500’s adjustable power supply makes it very easy to test the CB’s behavior during undervoltage conditions. The supply delivers an exact undervoltage of the nominal value and CIBANO 500 measures the CB’s performance during this condition.
Minimum pick-up test
This test determines the minimum voltage necessary to trip and close a circuit breaker. It makes sure that a circuit breaker can also be reliably operated in the event of a low DC supply.

One system for all breaker types

CIBANO 500 is the perfect test system for

  • medium-voltage CBs,
  • high-voltage CBs in live-tank, dead tank and GIS design.

Minimized rewiring tasks result in very short testing times. The integrated power supply guarantees a safe and independent operation.
With HV live-tank and GIS CBs, timing measurements can be performed while both sides of the breaker stay grounded. With HV dead-tank and GIS CBs, integrated CTs can be demagnetized.

Key features

  • 3-in-1 system: micro-ohmmeter, timing analyzer, and AC/DC power supply
  • One system for medium- or high-voltage circuit breakers with live-, dead-tank or GIS-design
  • Low wiring effort
  • One clear report for all tests
  • Circuit Breaker Testing Library (CBTL)
  • Lightweight test system (20 kg / 44.1 lbs)

Solution for:


High-voltage circuit breaker testing with OMICRON's CIBANO 500 and CB MC2

Testing circuit breakers with OMICRON's CIBANO 500

Circuit Breaker Testing




April 21, 2020
Training Center Manama, Manama, Bahrain
May 6, 2020
Training Center Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
CIBANO 500, Primary Test Manager (PTM)
May 6 - 7, 2020
Training Center Mexico, Mexico City, México
CIBANO 500, Primary Test Manager (PTM)

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