Transducer Node für CIBANO 500

CB TN3 for motion analysis

The CB TN3 acquires motion data. It consists of three analog and three digital channels for acquiring data from linear or rotary motion transducers.

What does it do?
It receives the motion signals of up to three sensors and sends them to CIBANO 500 via interference-free EtherCAT®-communication.

What is it needed for?
The data transmitted by CB TN3 represents the motion of the circuit breaker’s main contacts during the switching process. It can be connected to most linear or rotary transducers.

Key features

  • Circuit breaker motion analysis
  • Interference-free transmission of measurement results to CIBANO 500 via digital connection
  • Can be connected to most standard linear and rotary motion sensors
  • Easy and fast measurement of linear motion with magnetic tape concept

Solution for:


High-voltage circuit breaker testing with OMICRON's CIBANO 500 and CB MC2



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