Cyber security and functional monitoring for substations

Detect cyber attacks promptly

The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) StationGuard monitors Ethernet networks in substations and identifies suspicious behavior, prohibited actions, and malfunctions on the IEC 61850 station or process bus. 

With this combination of cyber security and functional monitoring, not only can new threats and as yet unknown attack scenarios be identified, but different kinds of malfunctions in the substation automation system too.

Tailor-made for substations
StationGuard and the RBX1 platform have been specially developed for use in substation automation systems. StationGuard knows how every device in the network should behave. With this new and patented approach StationGuard reliably identifies anomalies in the station network.
Easy to configure
StationGuard is configured with no learning phase needed. All that's required is the substation’s SCL description and a few manual inputs. StationGuard can also be used in substations with incomplete or outdated SCL information.
Speaks the language of protection and control engineers
The user interface has been designed to match the diagrams and terminology used in substations. The clear and understandable alarm messages can be easily traced back to substation events, making cooperation between engineers and security officers simple and efficient.
Immediate protection
StationGuard uses a unique whitelisting approach to protect networks right from the very first minute and without any learning phase whatsoever. Even threats or communication problems that existed prior to its installation are immediately identified.
Identify malfunctions
Not only are threats identified, but also communication errors, device failures, or time synchronization problems are detected.
Fewer false alarms
StationGuard knows the processes in substations and can therefore distinguish between legitimate events and potentially dangerous activities. With StationGuard's maintenance mode, fewer false alarms are triggered during maintenance work and a high degree of security is ensured.

The RBX1 platform –
designed for substations

StationGuard runs on the 19" platform RBX1, which has been specially developed to be installed in substations.

The RBX1 provides the highest possible degree of security.

Extremely robust:

  • Passive cooling, no moving parts
  • Error correcting memory (ECC RAM)
  • IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 certified
  • Watchdog / fault signal contact

Cyber security: 

  • Secure cryptoprocessor
  • Secure boot
  • Fully encrypted hard disks
  • Signed and encrypted updates
  • Secure production process

"StationGuard is really easy to use. I'm presented with all the information I need clearly in a familiar layout – with only few IT jargon. And all this in the OMICRON quality that we are used to."

Yann Gosteli
Head of Substation Automation Systems
Centralschweizerische Kraftwerke AG

"The team behind StationGuard comprises cyber security specialists, working together with protection and control experts. It is this pooling of expertise from both worlds that makes StationGuard so successful."

Andreas Klien
Product Manager

Key features

  • Easy to understand alarms thanks to ZeroLine™ diagram 
  • Save time in alarm analysis
  • Analyzes substation protocols in depth
  • Full protection during routine testing thanks to maintenance mode function
  • Easy integration of alarm messages due to binary contacts and Syslog interface

We make life easy for you – Expert Support 

If an alarm indicates prohibited or non-standard-compliant behavior, the StationGuard experts are on hand to help you evaluate the cause. A profile of your substation can also be created on request to offer an alarm analysis targeted specifically for your site and its devices.

In addition to our Technical Support team, who are available 24/7, StationGuard Export Support helps you to evaluate alarms and perform network capture analyses.  

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