CMS 356

Voltage and current amplifier

Powerful amplifier with additional outputs

The CMS 356 is a voltage and current amplifier for analog low-level signals provided by a CMC test set or by any other signal source, such as a digital real-time power system network simulator. When used in combination with a CMC test set, the amplifier extends the capabilities of the test set to provide additional output channels and higher amplitudes.

Key features

  • Six analog low-level inputs with selectable range (±7.07 Vpk or ±10 Vpk)
  • Numerous output configurations, for example, 3 x 300 V + 3 x 64 A or 6 x 32 A
  • Calculation and output of residual voltage and current
  • Parallel connection of several CMS 356 units for even higher current amplitudes
  • All current and voltage outputs are fully overload and short circuit proof
  • Protection against voltage transient signal and over temperature


High-performance for numerical relays testing

The high-amplitude and high-power current outputs make it equally suitable for testing modern numerical relays as well as high-burden electromechanical relays. The outputs of the voltage amplifier and the current amplifier are galvanically separated from each other and also from the inputs as well as from the mains. Configuration and monitoring of the device status of the CMS 356 amplifier can be performed via the easy-to-use web interface.

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