Analog measurements and transient recording with the CMC 356 or CMC 256plus

EnerLyzer / EnerLyzer Live transform the CMC test set into a multifunctional measuring, recording and analysis device. Each of its binary inputs can be configured as an analog measuring input and can then directly measure voltages as high as 600 VRMS. Currents are acquired via the measuring shunts 1 or current clamps. The CMC test set can be used for conventional testing and simultaneously for measuring with EnerLyzer / EnerLyzer Live.

Broad range of applications

EnerLyzer / EnerLyzer Live offer a wide range of views and analysis tools: both direct and derived measurands can be displayed as numerical values (multimeter view) or in phasor diagrams. The harmonic analysis facilitates the quick and easy examination of the harmonic content and shows the total harmonic distortion (THD) value. The CMC can also be used as a multichannel transient recorder. TransView is included to enable a more detailed analysis of the transient values recorded in this way. These tools allow faults to be localized quickly and easily and the corresponding system parameters to be evaluated.

Key Features

  • Trend recordings
  • Transient recorder


  • Troubleshooting during commissioning or maintenance testing of protective devices
  • Recording of transients during switching operations
  • Analysis of transformer inrush events (for example, analysis of harmonics to adjust the blocking)
  • Analysis of starting characteristics of motors (current/voltage curves, determining start-up times)
  • Measurement and analysis during generator synchronization with synchro-check function
  • Diagnosis of timing characteristics of circuit breakers and their auxiliary contacts
  • Analysis of system perturbations and power quality (for example, THD, harmonics)
  • General measurement functions (for example, plausibility checks for voltages, currents, power)

Solutions for:



Protection Testing: Measuring and recording analog and binary signals


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