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Meter Testing

In order to test meters, particularly those of the 0.2s class, a testing device with a high degree of accuracy is required. The concept of individual on-site meter testing with current and voltage sources has become increasingly popular. Our test technology for meter testing is particularly versatile and suitable for on-site testing and for use as a laboratory test system.

The flexible combination of CMC test set, operating software and accessories always offers an ideal solution for testing electrical meters.

Our meter testing solutions consist of:

CMC test set
Operating software
(for automated testing)

CMC test set

All CMC test sets can be used for testing energy meters. The CMC models differ in their accuracy, which means that not every meter can be tested with every CMC. The selection below will help you choose the CMC that suits your needs.

For testing energy meters up to class 0.5s

CMC 310 (Operating only with CMControl P)
CMC 353
CMC 356

For testing energy meters up to class 0.2s (most accurate)

CMC 256plus
CMC 430

Operating software

Quick and easy meter testing

CMControl P is a cost-effective CMC operating option which is particularly suitable for quick and easy meter tests.

CMControl P

Advanced and automated meter testing

Test Universe is the first choice CMC operating option for parameter related testing of protection and measurement devices. It is ideal for performing automated meter tests with advanced functionality (e.g. with harmonics).

The minimum requirements for meter testing with Test Universe are:

  • Test Universe “Essential Package” plus the module “Meter”

Test Universe (main software)
Meter module (software module)

Accessories (for automated testing)

Optical scanning heads enable Closed Loop testing of energy meters by counting the optical LED pulses of electronic or rotor marks of electromechanical meters.

The following optical scanning heads are available for different types of meters:

SEM 1 is used for electronic meters and is attached with its suction cup or a re-usable adhesive rubber compound.

SEM 2 is used for scanning rotor marks of Ferraris meters. Additionally, it can also be used for electronic meters.

SEM 3 is used for electronic meters that have a metal ring around the pulse LED to which SEM 3 can be attached magnetically.


Benefits of our solutions


Testing meters & transducers

Testing of protection and measurement equipment

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