Input/output module for CIBANO 500

IOB1 – for timing measurement of larger circuit breakers

The IOB1 offers six additional input and six additional output channels for CIBANO 500.

What does it do?
IOB1 is controlled by CIBANO 500 via EtherCAT®-communication. With its six input channels it synchronously reads the data of auxiliary contacts and sends them to CIBANO 500. With its six output channels it synchronously controls the trip or close coils or the motors of a CB.

When is it needed?
For an analysis of CBs where the timing of more than six auxiliary contacts must be measured simultaneously.
For timing measurements of larger circuit breakers when more than one opening and closing coil or breaker motor must be controlled simultaneously.

Key features

  • Enables advanced timing tests in real time on circuit breakers with more than 6 auxiliary contacts and several trip and close coils without rewiring
  • Makes sophisticated timing analyses possible such as CO sequence with overlapping trip/close coil operation
  • Offers six input channels for real-time data transfer between 6 auxiliary contacts and CIBANO 500 (EtherCAT® communication)
  • Offers six output channels for both control and analysis of CB trip or close coils or motors

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