Shot tests in the P-Q power plane with automatic test assessment

The Power test modules are used wherever the visualization and assessment in the complex P-Q plane is helpful or essential. Testing applications include load shedding based on power or frequency criteria, stability functions like Q-V protection, power swing blocking, and rotating machinery protection.

Key Features

The Power module supports basic shot testing and assessment in the P-Q / S-φ domain.

  • Complex power view P-Q
  • Absolute primary, secondary, or, relative power data
  • P-Q axis switching in views
  • Complex power zones/elements
  • Additional voltage and current threshold for automatic test assessment
  • Constant voltage or constant current mode
  • Binary output control for pre-incident, incident and reset states
  • Improved tolerance handling with absolute and relative magnitude tolerance plus angle tolerance
  • Shots defined as P-Q or S-φ or S-cos φ (ind/cap)

Solutions for:



Power Module - Q-V-Protection Part I

Power Module - Q-V-Protection Part II


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