Annunciation Checker

Verification of the correct marshalling and wiring of protection devices

Today’s protection devices emit dozens of different status signals or measured analog values. Each signal can be displayed at various locations.

Annunciation Checker helps the commissioning engineer to verify that the allocation of each message to its expected location (marshalling) and the wiring has been done correctly. A test specification can be created prior to the test and can also be flexibly adapted while a test runs. The test specification is done in a signal/location grid.

Signals stimulate a protective device and are generated as shots or steady states. The test engineer can navigate through the test grid in any order (e.g. signal by signal or location by location). Each cell of the grid corresponds to a signal indicator at a certain location. The response of the indicator is evaluated automatically. The test results are summarized in a tabular test report.

Annunciation Checker is a typical commissioning tool used in conjunction with the central SCADA operator. It provides a work plan (points list) and a good source of documentation.

This module is part of the Test Universe software. For more information please refer to the Test Universe website.

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