Transient Ground Fault

Simulation of steady state and transient ground-faults in isolated or compensated networks

Transient Ground Fault tests the directional decision of transient or steady-state ground fault relays in grids with isolated or compensated grounding. It produces the transient voltages and currents during a ground fault from a fault simulation with a pre-defined network model. The network simulation provides testing with realistic current and voltage waveforms. The model simulates a spur line. The calculated quantities are determined by the parameters of the line and the feeding network.

The Module is of particular assistance when:

  • Setting the relay
  • Checking the relay's directional characteristic

Both three-phase systems and two-phase systems (e.g. for railway applications) can be simulated.

For a comprehensive simulation of ground faults, we recommend to use RelaySimTest.



Transient Ground Fault


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