Substation Panel Wiring

During the commissioning of modern electrical power systems, like substation or industry environments, there are literally hundreds of connections that have to be verified. Next to the instrument transformer wiring, there are also logic signals, trip and control signals to breakers, different auxiliary signals and supply from the station battery and grid power.

Wiring problems, like the wrong polarity of a voltage or current transformer path, are one of the most common errors in electrical power systems.

Having the right equipment and the right procedures can substantially speed up those tests while improving personal safety at the same time.

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Our mobile, battery-powered test set COMPANO 100 is the ideal solution for all kinds of wiring checks, where AC and DC voltages and currents are required. With a DC-free sawtooth signal, which you can use in combination with the hand-held CPOL2 polarity checker, the wiring of instrument transformers can be checked without the risk of magnetizing them.

The COMPANO 100 Advanced Package includes all accessories required for this application as well as the software licenses.

Optimized for the field technician

Mains-independent operation
As a battery-powered test set, you can use COMPANO 100 even before a new substation is energized. Mains power is often installed in parallel with wiring checks and therefore not fully available, with COMPANO 100 there is no need for a portable generator.
Lightweight, portable test set
Due to its low weight of less than 10 kg/22 lbs, you can easily move COMPANO 100 from one test location to another. This saves you a lot of time, especially during wiring checks, and it increases your safety by avoiding tripping hazards due to long extension leads.
Electronically controlled sources
COMPANO 100 uses electronically controlled current and voltage sources. With these high accuracy signals you can check the wiring and the correct measurement of protection relays, meters, short-circuit indicators or modern SCADA systems at the same time.
High power output
With up to 110 A AC, COMPANO 100 lets you perform wiring checks with primary injection on current transformers. Adding the optional voltage booster VBO4 even allows you to use primary injection on voltage transformers or sensors requiring higher voltages of up to 750 V AC.
Hand-held polarity checker
CPOL2 allows you to easily perform measurements without a cable connection back to the test set. Just hold it in your hand, place it on an electric cabinet with its removable magnetic backside or use it like a pen-style meter, with the included measurement tip.
Polarity checks with current clamp
You can use CPOL2 together with a current clamp like CPROBE-1 to conveniently measure the polarity of the current flowing through the wire at any location along the wire.

CPC 100 + CPOL2

The CPC 100 primary test-set can be used for wiring checks on current and voltage transformer wiring with primary injection for high test currents and voltages.
It can also generate the sawtooth polarity check signal for the handheld polarity checker CPOL2.

CMC 310 + CPOL2

Our CMC devices focus on protection testing, but all them can also be used for wiring checks. Both operating options, CMControl as well as Test Universe, support the output of voltages, currents, and the CPOL polarity check signal needed for this application. The CPOL2 handheld polarity checker is required for testing CT and VT paths.

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Safe and efficient polarity check during commissioning

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