Network simulator for relay testing under real life conditions

NetSim enables users of Test Universe to test the behavior of protective devices in the event of a realistic fault by means of transient signals. Standard network configurations with simple parameter settings allow fast, rudimentary simulations with a limited set of test cases.

For comprehensive system-based testing, we recommend to use RelaySimTest. A NetSim license is included in a RelaySimTest license.


  • Relay testing under real-life conditions
  • Evaluation of relay settings for difficult protection applications
  • Testing of advanced protection algorithms
  • Faults on single and parallel lines (including mutual coupling), stub lines, three terminal lines
  • End-to-end testing with GPS or IRIG-B time synchronization
  • Network oscillation/power swing (synchronous and asynchronous)
  • Testing of differential protection including CT saturation


  • Automatic repetition of tests with varying parameters
  • Impedance view including distance zones
  • Additional COMTRADE export of simulated waveforms

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Enhanced transmission network applications


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