IEC 61850 Client/Server

Automatic SCADA testing in accordance with IEC 61850

The IEC 61850 Client/Server module enables testing the SCADA communication during protection testing. Correct testing of communication has never been easier. Additionally, the module provides an easy and secure way to automatically set an IED to test mode and to reset it to its original state after the test. The testing modes ensure that outputs will not be activated and that the tested device does not send any confusing information to the control center during the test process. Testers can control the IED modes (test, test/blocked, off, on, on/blocked) very easily and prepare the IED for the testing procedure. 

Offered with Test Universe Version 3.10 it makes the Test Universe software a client that directly communicates with the IEDs working as servers. Thus, Test Universe can access the entire data model of an IED and read it for protection testing.

The module operates stand-alone and switches each setting value safely. It includes all functions necessary to access an IED and to test its communication. Different settings according to particular testing requirements can be embedded at the relevant place, and as often as needed, in OCC testing processes created and controlled by Test Universe. The module is always self-contained wherever it is placed within an OCC-document.

The Client/Server module provides the following features:

      • Access each IED via Ethernet directly and securely
      • Retrieve and store Reports from the IED
      • Load the IED’s data model and use it for protection testing
      • Prepare the complete test and assessment procedure
      • Execute automated protection testing with the focus on intended IED response
      • Handle IED modes easily and clearly
      • Reset the IED to its original operating mode after test
      • Generate reports, assessment and documentation automatically
      • Quick, automated, reliable and secure testing of IEDs and SCADA communication

      This module is part of the Test Universe software. For more information please refer to the Test Universe website.

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