OMICRON Control Center

OMICRON’s Test Universe software modules feature comprehensive functionality for conventional testing.

In order to test the many functions of digital relays, the OMICRON Control Center (OCC) allows the combination of individual testing functions into an overall test plan. When performing a test, each embedded function will be executed sequentially and an overall test report including the results of all the functions tested is created automatically.

Since the test documents hold the complete test specification – i.e. the nominal behavior (settings) of the test object, the tolerances and the test points, with which this shall be verified – such a document is the basis for the repetition of the same test at a later time by reloading it, clearing the results of the previous test, replaying the test plan and saving the new results. Thereby tests, which have been created once, can be repeated for maintenance testing. This assures a constant testing quality and the possibility for direct comparison of results, also saving time when performing routine tests.

Solutions for:


Protection Applications - Automatic testing

The OMICRON CMC - Reporting and languages

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