CMC Swift

Easy and wireless control of your CMC test sets

Designed for convenient and wireless control of your CMC test sets, CMC Swift offers maximum freedom for simple test tasks. With CMC Swift you can output analog voltages and currents via your CMC and feed in or measure binary signals. Wiring and control system checks as well as pickup and trip tests of protective functions, such as overcurrent protection, can be performed quickly and easily. In combination with a handheld CPOL device, polarity checks can be easily performed.

Try out our app now and, in future, leave your laptop in the company car if you only need to perform simple checks.

CMC Swift – We look forward to your feedback

If you see potential for improvement, we welcome your feedback which you can share with us directly via the app.


Get our new app


You can download the CMC Swift App free of charge in the App Store (for iOS) and in the Google Play Store (for Android).

First steps with CMC Swift

Which Android/iOS version do I need for CMC Swift?
CMC Swift requires Android 8.0 / iOS 14.0 or higher.

Which test sets can I control with CMC Swift?
CMC Swift supports the CMC 356, CMC 353, CMC 256 plus and CMC 430 test sets.

What does my CMC need to communicate to the mobile devices?
Your CMC needs a NET-2 interface.

Which CMC firmware version do I need?
Download the latest firmware version from our Customer Portal.

How do I connect my mobile device to my test set?
Plug the Wi-Fi USB adapter into your test set, activate the WLAN of your mobile device and connect to the network of your CMC test set. The default password is twice the serial number of your test set. After you have started CMC Swift, tap on "Choose test set" and select your device.

Your benefits

  • More freedom of movement and comfort: Move completely freely and control your test set comfortably from your hand in any situation
  • Effortless operation: Make your entries effortlessly via the application-optimized keyboard, multiple input modes, and switching between primary and secondary values
  • Watch events live: CMC Swift is also excellent for troubleshooting, as all events are logged live in an intelligent event list
  • Perform simple checks without a laptop: For quick and easy checks, you can dispense with your laptop altogether and perform them directly via CMC Swift


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