Improving the Quality of Power System Testing Data

Learn about the benefits of cloud-based solutions for managing and sharing power system testing data

Over the past decade, there have been many developments in the area of managing power system testing data in an increasingly digital work environment.

The growing trend for cloud-based data management solutions is improving how power system testing data can be centrally stored in a safe location and shared among teams.

With PTM DataSync WEB and PTM Data Analytics, OMICRON meets this current trend. These two additional modules upgrade our popular Primary Test Manager, or PTM, software with a cloud-based client server solution for secure data backups and easy ways of sharing and analyzing server data.

In this episode, Martin Pfanner, one of the original founders of OMICRON electronics and product manager for our Primary Test Manager software, describes how such cloud-based data management solutions can ease the daily work of commissioning and maintenance teams and also how cyber security demands can be met.

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“The cloud lets us easily share testing data and centrally store it in a safe place.”

- Martin Pfanner, Primary Test Manager Product Manager


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