Unpacking Excitement – More than Just a Device in a Box

Discover how OMICRON delights customers with a positive and memorable unpacking experience.

Opening a specially wrapped box is cause for great excitement, not just during holidays or birthdays. OMICRON customers experience the same excitement each time they receive and unpack their new equipment. 

What is an unpacking experience? It is the process of taking a product out of its packaging. It's all your feelings and emotions, from when the shipment arrives at your door to when you hold or use the product. The effect of a positive unpacking experience is to give additional value to customers through the creation of a consistent, memorable, and shareable experience.

Did you know? Many OMICRON customers express excitement after receiving their purchased equipment by proudly posting photos of their OMICRON shipping boxes, yellow transport cases, and new devices on LinkedIn.

In this Energy Talks episode, we will learn more about the OMICRON customer unpacking experience, why it is an important aspect of customer care at OMICRON, and what makes it so special and memorable for customers. 

Tyler Maclaren, General Manager at Brandis Hire, a technical equipment rental company in Australia, shares his company’s impressions of receiving and opening shipments of OMICRON products. Dragan Vulevic, OMICRON Pick-and-Pack Team Leader, describes the process of preparing product shipments with attention to detail. We also open a sealed OMICRON shipping box to find out what is inside to excite customers. OMICRON Technical Purchaser Kristina Wiebe talks about the importance of quality, durability, and ergonomics in designing OMICRON product transport cases. Lastly, Matthias Buttazoni, an OMICRON Marketing Communications Expert, highlights the importance of creating a consistent and positive OMICRON unpacking experience to establish customer trust and satisfaction with the brand.

Share your unpacking experience with us! If you are a new or long-time OMICRON customer, please be sure to share or continue to share your unpacking experience with us on LinkedIn, not only with photos but also tell us what you liked about the whole unpacking experience and how it made you feel. In doing so, you are welcome to tag us with @OMICRONelectronics or use our hashtag #OMICRONenergy.


"Opening a product box is not just a functional act but also an emotional one. It creates a sense of anticipation, excitement, and satisfaction when you open the box. It also sets a tone for the relationship between the customer, our company, and our brand."

- Matthias Buttazoni, Marketing Communications Expert, OMICRON


The way everything looks and feels in an OMICRON box is impressive. We love getting new deliveries of OMICRON equipment. It's absolutely the highlight of our day."

- Tyler Maclaren, General Manager, BrandisHire

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