A Colorful New Face

June 19, 2017

Reworking the presence of a company can be an exciting yet challenging task:
How can you portray a lively company culture, a wide range of jobs and opportunities with only few lines and some images? What should you communicate so that the people who will really resonate with the company and its culture feel attracted to it?

When we began to redesign our entire careers webpage, our aim was to give visitors an insight into our working life that was as authentic as possible. This sneak peek into our company should give visitors a first impression of what we really value and give them an opportunity to discover if they would like to work with us in the future.

In order to provide this insight, we went about it in what we believe was an OMICRON-like-way. So instead of inviting an agency to design a fancy looking site, we co-created the website with our employees. We conducted interviews and held workshops with them to understand their impressions of OMICRON. The insights we were able to gather really showed us what the employees valued about the company and their jobs.

In the implementation phase (that was supported by our agency partner) our employees stepped in front of the camera – they’re featured in all of the videos and images. Some of our team members also got behind the camera in order to provide more images for the new website. These images included snapshots of their daily working lives that illustrated the uniqueness of OMICRON from their personal perspectives.

We’re very excited to be able to announce the re-launch of our new OMICRON careers page.
We hope that you enjoy the colorful glimpse that it gives you into our working life at OMICRON. 


Have fun exploring

Successful “employer branding” plays an important role in building up a competent and skilled team of experts. It encompasses all activities that help to bring OMICRON to the attention of prospective employees.

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